Sunday, March 25, 2012

Only during deployment

Is it that all hell breaks loose. My husband has been gone 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks I've had the sickest kids we've ever had. All 3 were so sick they were vomiting. Then they passed it to me. Now my son is sick again, that warranted a trip to the ER yesterday. Then after my trip to the ER and getting him comfortable at home, my youngest broke out in bumps that looked like chicken pox at first. I literally was thinking, why in the hell is Karma kicking my ass right now. What on earth have I done. Thankfully after some benadryl most of the bumps went away. I know we are only given what we can handle but man these last 2 wks have really sucked. I am so ready to get over this hump and move on. Sick kids are never fun, but dealing with it alone is not something I enjoy.

On a different note, my husbands ship is due to port soon. That means we'll be getting a phone call and will be able to skype with him. We are all super excited to get to talk to him. It seems like he's been gone far longer then 2 wks. We're so ready for this deployment to speed up. We got his first care package sent out and I will be starting on 2 more here soon. I'll be making another one for him and one for his shop. I know those guys would love some goodies. And I enjoy sending them stuff.


Carrie & Johnnie said...

Murphy's law of deployment :( Im not looking forward to whats in store for us. I hope things start looking up and going by faster.

Mrs Fergione said...

Yeah I'm not looking forward to that again. I just know even though everything is usually calm around here, the second he leaves all hell will break loose for no apparent reason! Hope things calm down for you and keep looking forward to those skype calls :)


Jessica said...

Thanks girls. I hope my life calms down too, I don't think I can continue and survive if it continues.