Saturday, March 3, 2012

My princess is sick

Poor girl is just pitiful. I haven't seen her this sick ever. She's got a killer immune system like her mama :)Yesterday evening she was complaining of stomach cramps. She was crying and I felt so bad. Not long after that she was throwing up everything. This poor little thing isn't able to hold anything down. As a mother I hate to see my child hurting. I want to make her feel all better. Thankfully for me I have a have a great friend going through med school right now that I can call to ask all my questions too. I always call her before considering going to the ER. The last place on earth I want to be. Spreading my child's sickness and leaving there with who knows what else. My poor little princess said to me this morning "Mama, I just want to be normal again. If I could find a wishing flower, I'd blow and wish to be myself again" :( breaks my heart she's sick.

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