Thursday, September 5, 2013

Product Review: Kidzikoo Kooleez Freezer Pop Insulator

Okay, so I saw these cool popsicle coozie type things on Kid Steals about a month ago. My kids are always eating popsicles since we live here in Florida and our summers are longer. We usually do the paper towel around it but I thought, why not! I know we'll use them so let's give em a try. Shipping was super fast and in a few days we got our Kooleez's in the mail!! Right away the colors are so vibrant and pretty ( b/c yes being pretty matters to me lol) The product is supposed to keep a popsicle cool for up to 30 mins. It defiantly does. It's super easy to push it up with it in the Kooleez. We are very happy with this product and recommend them to everyone.

Kid tested, kid approved :)

and mom approved!!