Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting back into a routine

It's been awhile since I blogged. The kids and I had a long vacation in New York at my parents house this summer. 6wks to be exact. It was nice and the kids had a blast. Between swimming in the pool everyday and playing in the backyard full of toys and being spoiled rotten by Nana and Pop Pop. I'm sure they made memories this summer that they'll remember for ever.

But not we're back home and school has started. So back into the swing of things it is. I think waking up early is harder on me then it is for them lol This year I have a Kindergartner and  a First grader! So far school is going great for them and I'm enjoying the time they are at school. Of course I still have Mr. Crazy pants at home with me but surprisingly he's actually really good when bubba and sissy aren't around.

And top both of those off, we are officially in the last part of the deployment. As of Sept. 1st I can actually say my husband will be home next month!! YAY!!!!! No worries OPSEC nazi's, no rules were broken there as no date was given :p

I'll close up this ramble with a few pics...


They love eachother!! sometimes...