Saturday, March 17, 2012

1 week down

Well I've survived a week. WATCH OUT! lol one long week. During deployment I try and figure out what the best count down will be. Do I count day, weeks, months, paydays what? I personally like days. They always sound better then months. My friend has choose paydays. We are almost under 200 days WOOT! Anyways today I started my first care package of the deployment. With the help of the kids we got to work. First we painted the flaps so our artwork would stand out better. Then we decorated said flaps then added the goodies. I still have 2 things to add then off to the Post Office on Monday. My son who is about to be 5 picked out Pirate stickers. Before throwing them in the cart he said "know why I picked pirate stickers?" I said "No, why" he said "b/c daddies out their chootin pirates" lol how cute is that. I don't think daddy will be "chootin" many pirates this time since he's on a much bigger mission but I just nodded my head as he tossed them in the cart. Sometimes kids really do say the funniest things.

Today is also St. Patties day. Lucky for everyone this chick is not Irish :) instead I'm a crazy loud Italian who's butt is sitting at home with the kids. I've never celebrated this day. But b/c I love my kids and they talked about St. Patties day in school this past week, for dinner I made them green eggs and green pancakes. They loved it but my 2 yr old was pretty unsure of his green pancakes and instead of eating them, decided dunking them in his Gatorade was a better idea.

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