Sunday, April 17, 2011

best 30 days ever!

My husband has had the past 21 days off and they have been great. In 9 short days my husband will have to report to his new ship. So back to long work days and deployments. In these past 21 days we've had so much fun as a family. I've loved hanging out with him and watching him teach his kids how to fish. The memories he made with them were priceless.

Our new house is finally coming together and looks like a home. We bought a new (to us) van and it's prudy. Fully loaded and everything. My husband said as we drove off the lot "we're shittin in the big woods now, this is the nicest vehicle we're ever had" lol but he's right.

On top of all that, yesterday I joined a gym. I get 2 hrs of free daycare a day. I'm most excited about that. I'm excited to finally be skinny again too. It's been far too long. I'm tried of being fat. I can't wait!!

our new "whip"

Catching fish with daddy