Friday, April 6, 2012

What happened to quality?

So this past weekend I finally broke down and bought my 2 yr old another water table. I had to buy him a new one b/c the little hoodlums in my neighborhood came in my yard when we were gone and were climbing all over it and broke the legs off. This mom was not a happy camper. So anyways after doing some online research and reading reviews I decided to buy him this one. I didn't want to spend a fortune since the last one he had cost me $8 at a yard sale. So this one was on sale for 29.99 at Toysrus. Let me first say that while it's cute, it's a pain in the ass to put the middle piece on. The plastic material is so cheap and flimsy. My 2 yr old climbed on it twice and with his weight at a whopping 26lbs the thing collapse and the legs fall off. Then the little ferris wheel thing keeps falling off. It's hard to turn and when you put some elbow grease into it it pops off. At first I assumed like most things being sold, that is was made in China. Until I look on their page where it clearly states at the top left corner MADE IN AMERICA. So my question is, what the hell happened to quality products? What happened to Little Tikes products being made to be passed down to kids generation after generation? I see vintage Little Tikes toys that are older then me still with lots of life left in them, but the new toys being made are crap. The materials are crap yet instead of selling things cheaper we are being forced to pay prices not comparable to material quality. This water table will not make it through my son. I wont be able to pass this down to anyone. I wont be able to sell it, it will end up in the trash. I am not pleased nor impressed with this product. Shame on you Little Tikes for letting your products go to shit while your prices stay high.

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