Sunday, November 4, 2012

Welcome Home Sailor

On Thursday our hero came home. After almost 8 months away we had him back in our arms. We had anticipated this moment for months. This was the first deployment that my older kids were old enough to remember and the first one for the baby. I had talked to them about how they might feel and how daddy might feel. That this was an important thing and to no be afraid of him. I was extremely worried about Bray. Being 2.5 yr old and not really understanding. When Josh left he was little. Not really talking and still pretty much a baby. Now he's this almost 3 yr old that talks in full sentences and has conversations with you, sleeps in a big boy bed in his own room and no longer a crib and is almost potty trained. He had the biggest transformation. Surprisingly enough, he ran right to his daddy. Didn't hesitate and now only wants him and not me. I thought this would hurt my heart a little but it doesn't. I'm so happy that he wants his daddy. We've had him home a few days now. Things are falling right into place. Some days are still a little overwhelming for him but things just keep getting better. I think one of my favorite things is seeing the kids sit on his lap and talk his ear off. Telling him about all the things he missed. And of course no longer sleeping alone. Having our hero home has taught us to cherish every minute. To not take anything for granted and to let the little things go.