Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PCSing, I should be a pro by now

This is not my first rodeo but it sure does feel that way. I don't know if this happens to other Military wives but every time we move it feels like the first time. I can never remember how we did things last time. This is our first move with 3 kids. That alone is stressing me out. I have to pack and organize for 5 people plus 2 pets. Families bigger then mine, I have no idea how you do it. But I give you mad props.

Today to mover came to pack. The company scheduled two pack days but apparently we don't have as much crap as they thought. The packers got it all done today. We have decided to camp it out in the house for the next 2 nights. Friday the movers come to load it all and my parents come to take the kids for the weekend. All weekend I get to clean and paint the house...yay.....not! I always feel like I leave my house nicer then when we moved in.

I think the one thing I'm dreading the most is the drive. We have to make a 12 hr drive. We have 2 cars so I will drive the van with 2 kids and the dog. My husband will drive his hunk of junk with a kid and the cat. At this point I'm just praying his car makes it to Florida. I am fully prepared to sell it for scrap if it doesn't. lol.


IrishQueen said...

Good luck to y'all with the move! I hope everything goes smoothly :) I know what u mean with packing for 5 ppl n 2 animals...I gotta do it everytime we go on a trip or vaca n with the moving soon! I pretty much keep things very organized which keeps me sain, so it makes it pretty easy surprisingly. But now when we move overseas with 3 kids, it'll be a lil dif cuz we'll have the 3 kids n pets, including an infant on the long 9 hour flight and i'll have to pack to the max for all 5 of us. I have to pack as much as we pos. are allowed to have cuz we gotta be overseas for awhile with loner furniture etc until our household shipments n vehicles come in..ugh. So, ur having 2 kids on the drive..u taking Ella n the baby? I hope all goes well. Sux we didn't see each other again b4 u left to say goodbye for now.

Apryl said...

I could lie and say it gets easier.... but it doesn't! Drive safe and call me if you need someone to entertain you on your drive :)