Monday, February 7, 2011

People are dumb

So today I took my dog to the vet. She needed her annual blood work done. My dog is a black lab. She is suppose to be pure bred but she has a beard and a wirery coat but whatever she's an amazing dog and we love her the same. Okay so we are at petsmart and I hate to go there b/c of the comments we get. My dog is right up there with my children. So please tell me why on earth people think it's okay to say things like "bless her heart look at her scruffy face" or "oh my what breed is he" Okay well first of all SHE wears a bright neon pink collar so HE is a SHE thankyouverymuch. Second of all, would you ever walk up to a child's parent and say "bless her heart, what's wrong with her face?" NO YOU WOULDN'T. So why on gods green earth would you say that to a pet owner? It pisses me off so bad. She is my dog and she is precious.

So then we are in the check out and the lady at the register says "oh my, she looks like she's mixed with some type of terrier" I ignore her. Then she says "Oh and it looks like she has some black on her tongue, she might have a little Chow in her too" Really lady? You work at a pet store and you are stupid. Having black spots on a dogs tongue is nothing but pigment. It has nothing to do with a dogs breed. People are morons and it's worse when you work at a pet store and say really dumb things regarding animals.

We love our bearded lady <3

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IrishQueen said...

"Bearded lady"..that's cute! I think her lil beard is absolutely adorable :)Some ppl can be so annoying :(