Friday, February 4, 2011

longest day of my life

Never have I ever wanted it to be bedtime for the kids more then I do tonight. I am so over today in general really. We did a bunch of shopping. You know, got our tax return. Paid a bunch of bills, then went shopping. I got a new laptop since my husband is going back to Sea Duty and will need one for himself. No way in hell am I giving him a new laptop. So..the spoiled little princess I am, got a new laptop and my husband gets my old one. My new one is super cute and has a ton of space for all my pics and junk. Down side, the key placement is off b/c of this weird row of keys to the left.

Then we went shopping for a new washer and dryer. I had planned to use out DLA when we moved for a new pair dryer is shitting the bed sooner then I had planned. With a family of 5 and at least 2 loads of laundry being done a day, I do not have time to dry my loads 2 sometimes 3 times just for them to dry. So we found a awesome set at this store called HHGREG. They are HE and the agitator is really low JUST WANT I WANTED! I'm super stoked to get them on Monday.

Then we went to Best Buy to get an external hard drive to take all my pictures off my old laptop.

THEN.... we came home with SECONDS to spare of my preschooler getting off the bus..whew... I literally walked in the door, fed the baby and put him down for a very late but much needed nap and left for the commissary. We needed groceries so bad. You know you've stretched the food long enough when your little kids say "wow the freezer is so empty, we have no food" lol. On top of regular shopping I needed to buy all this crap for our Super Bowl party. I was already super tired from the long day so the thought of killing a few people in the store crossed my mine a time or two.

Got home and fed everybody crap for dinner b/c THIS CHICK isn't cooking a damn thing tonight. I am beat! My house could burn down around me right now and I can assure you, my ass is not coming off this couch. The older kids are headed to bed now but b/c of the babies super late nap this afternoon, he is nowhere near tired :( I've offered my husband anything he wants if he will just play with the baby and tire him out. We'll see how that goes. But for today I'm done. This has been the longest day of my life...

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bex said...

sounds EXHAUSTING... but you accomplished a lot - that's good :)