Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A dusting of snow

Last night we literally got a dusting of snow. Maybe an inch total. And I get a call from the school saying it's a code blue and their closed and then the base has a 2 hr delay. Seriously?! It seems to me that we're calling these closings and delays way to early. A friend of mine on a military message board I'm on www.supportonthehomefront.com told me about this funny commercial that Dodge did to kind of make fun of the Snowmageddon that people get worked up over.

This is what we woke up to this morning. THIS is the snowmageddon that canceled school and delayed the base. As you can see, the grass is still showing.

Our whole inch accumulation

Because of this "blizzard" the base clinic opened at 10 which made me reschedule a very important appointment that I had for 9:55. This whole thing made my day a mess. Tomorrow will be even crazier I'm sure. Adapt and overcome right?

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IrishQueen said...

If it's gonna snow, I want SNOW n lots of it!! Not to see even a blade of grass!! I however do enjoy when school is closed so we can all sleep in :) It may make it more difficult for those that work n gotta take off or find a baby sitter tho on those days. But all n all....I enjoy it!