Thursday, May 17, 2012

What happened to customer service?

Today I went to Rue 21 with a friend. I can't wear their clothes b/c they run super small. But I went with her to get an outfit and give her advice. No mind you she has 1 child and I had to bring my boys. I put my youngest and her youngest in the double stroller and my about to be 5 yr old walked. Their stores aren't meant for strollers whatsoever either. Way to much crammed into a small store. But anyway my youngest wasn't happy to be shopping. But he's 2.5 and was tired. The lady behind the counter gave me a dirty look b/c he was fussing. My 5 yr old got a candy thing from their display of candy and crap. He was playing with it kind of roughly but whatever. If he had broke it I would of paid for it. It wasn't a big deal, it was keeping him occupied. The same lady who threw me the dirty looks, take the candy/toy thing for my child. I was pissed. Pissed b/c that was not her place. I had full intentions of paying for it had be broke it. Before she had taken that thing from my older son, my son gave his little brother one to help keep him occupied why we finished shopping. I was paying for my stuff and was going to put the thing back he had after I paid and before I walked out. As I pay she said very rudely "you buying that too" and I told her "no I'm going to put it back". At this point I said nothing and just walked out of the store with all the boys and let my friend pay while I put the boys in the van. Before even talking to my friend my friend came out and said "what is wrong with these people and why are they so rude" so it was obvious that the customer service was lacking. This is the 2nd time I've had issues with Rue 21's customer service regarding children. If you do not enjoy working with people do not choose retail or any job for that matter that has you directly coming into contact with people. So to the chick working at the Rue 21 store on May 17th around 2pm, you're lucky you weren't wearing a name tag. Or I would directly report your awful services to your manager.

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