Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How we met

Josh and I both went to Highschool overseas. Both our parents were in the military over there. My dad was in the Army and his Step father was in the Dutch Army. We went to a DOD school. I remember Josh was the new kid our Sophomore year. I was pretty and popular and he was hot. I knew he liked me b/c he was mean to me in a flirty way. But I was not really into him.

A few days later we were all hanging out at the Teen Center on base. I had a friend that was trying to hook me up with Josh. He kept hounding me so finally I gave him the number to my friends house that I was staying at that night. I was sure he wouldn't call.
So I was surprised when he did. We ended up talking for hours that night. Turns out he wasn't such a punk. We decided to meet up the next day at the bases Fun for all Fest. I remember looking everywhere for him but we kept missing each other in the crowd. Finally we foudn eachother. We walked around, played games then decided to head over to the Bowling Alley. On the way over there I could tell he wanted to hold my hand but neither of us wanted to make the first move. Not a minute later, I tripped in a gofer hole and he was there to catch me. He grabbed my hand to stop me from falling
Later that night he wanted to go play basketball with his friend. Before he left he said "so, can we make this official" (yeah so romantic lol I hold it against him til this day, we laugh about it now) Of course I said yes.
The rest is history. We dated all through high school (on and off I might add)but somehow made it through. Right after high school he went to England to swear into the Navy. 6 wks later I flew to see him graduate and be his wife :) I know our story is kind of cheesy but I love a cheesy love story.


bex said...

that's an awesome story :D

Jessica said...

Thank you :)

Apryl said...

Nothing wrong with a cheesy love story ;)

IrishQueen said...

Aww sweet! We have simular stories..well the highschool sweetheart thing :))