Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Commissary Chaos

Why is it that I can never go to the Commissary with me wanting to kill someone. Up here there is ALOT of retirees. This is pretty much where everyone comes to grow old. Every single time I go to the commissary I get stuck behind or in between old people. They seem to be in their own little world without a care in the world. Shuffling their little feet. On several occasions I've wanted to run them all over with my cart. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete bitch but come on. I'm trying to get in and get out, not be there all day. And then when I say excuse me, they look annoyed. Sorry old lady, I'm the one that is annoyed. Now move it or lose it sister.

On a completely different note. My little monkey has conquered the stairs. It is hilarious watching him come down. He slides down on his belly and yells. Of course you know I got it on video.


L0veLindsey said...

Hahahahaa omg! That is quite possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen.. so cute!

IrishQueen said...

Girl I know what u mean about the old timers at the commissary lol. I avoid going to the Ft.Meade comm. on Sundays...def senior citizen day. And it's not that it's a bad thing or I dislike old ppl, it's just that I try to get thru the isles n they just take their good 'ol sweet time lol. I just get impatient lol

IrishQueen said...

Oh n seen the video on fb..very cute :))