Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Humpday!

Tonight we are having a snow storm. Our first one of the year. I've been waiting for a good snow, for the kids. I'm sure school will be cancelled tomorrow. That will make 3 days straight Ella has been home from school. She hasn't had a full week since Christmas vacation. Yesterday and today were for high school exams. Kinda of ridiculous.

On another note, my husband gets his braces off next month. The dental clinic on base plays a little game when you get your last wires put on. His dentist and her assistance get to pick your colors. So, my husband being the good sport he is, agreed. His only term was NO PINK! So this is what he came home like...
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It's not pink lol

So let's talk about Craigslist and scams. Let's be real. You can't trust anyone anymore. So I'm skeptical of everyone who sells their crap. Anyways, I cam across a Nikon D90 with nice lenses for only $400. That makes me automatically think, "this is too good to be true" After asking one of my closest friends who is super smart and knowledgeable, she says "if it works that's a awesome deal" I think I'll email the person and ask why they are selling the camera and for so cheap. It just makes you think, who all gets scammed daily on craigslist.

I guess that's the end of my Wednesday rambling lol


bex said...

love the braces!!!!!!!!!

IrishQueen said...

lol good sport :))

IrishQueen said...

Oh n Nikons r nice! I just recently ordered the Nikon d3100