Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Why in the world do my children insist on not wearing clothes. No matter what, as soon as we hit the door from being somewhere or getting them from school, they strip down to their underwear. I don't get it. Neither my husband nor I are like this. We are both very pro clothing. My youngest is 2. He has to be in a diaper only all day long. It can be cold has hell in this house and he'll just get a blanket. He also can't sleep with clothes on either. My middle son seems to be the least into being nekkid. But my daughter who's the oldest I swear never has clothes on. The girl is 7 and always running around in her underwear. I've had talks with her about it too. And how she's too old to be running around without clothes on. But she says it's just what she's comfortable in. She also cannot sleep with clothes on. My kids are weird lol funny little things but weirdos.

My youngest weirdo just now.

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