Thursday, June 28, 2012

Road Trip

Traveling with 3 kids up the street to our local Walmart can sometimes be difficult. My children just don't travel well. So when my mother wanted us to travel home to NY from the summer I gringe. Living in Florida, we're looking at a 17 hr trip. But thankfully for me, my mom decided to fly down so that she could drive with us and help me with the kids. I went online and searched travel tips for kids. I found a lot of helpful information to make our trip a little more enjoyable for the kids. I bought so much stuff to keep them occupied. We have built in DVD players in my van so I bought them wireless headphones (we bought our van used so they weren't included at purchase) so that I could listen to music and not spongbob for 17 hrs. They had snack, toys, paper, crayons, new movies, pillows and blankets, everything you can think of I had. But of course it wasn't enough. It was the longest trip of my life. Thankfully we are staying up here for 6 wks so the dreaded trip was happen again for awhile. And my mom is driving back down with us to fly back out from FL. I really hope I'm not the only parent who has children that aren't good travelers. This trip just reminded me why we don't go anywhere lol

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