Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Protect your pets!

Today while on Facebook a friend of mine posted this link HartzVictims on her Facebook page. I immediately read it b/c I had heard in the past that Hartz wasn't good stuff. Now I wont lie, I've used Hartz products on my animals. Because Advantage and Frontline aren't in everyone's budget. Yes I know when you get pets you should be able to financially support them. But lets face it, with all the different kinds of flea and tick prevention out there some of us with go for something cheaper that doesn't hurt the checkbook as bad. Some will say you get what you pay for. But that isn't always true. As a pet owner I would never think something so harmful to my pets would be on the shelves. If this product is killing pets or making hair fall out, why on earth is it still being sold? If a chilren's medicine was found to have caused harm to children it would most certainly be pulled from the shelves. This is why we have recalls. I understand that things happen, that cause things to not work as intended. But for a product to remain on the shelf that has killed is uncalled for.

A few days ago my best friend lost her dog. He was a minpin named Rocky. Not even 2 yrs old and full of life. She gave him a bath 3 days before his death and put Hartz flea prevention on him. On day 3 she came home to find her beloved dog unresponsive in his kennel. After checking for a pulse she realized her puppy was gone. It's only natural to feel as if we did something wrong. To automatically blame it on ourselves. But I just knew it wasn't her fault. After talking with her I felt as if he had a seizure. His eyes were open and he had vomited. This didn't seem like something that would just happen naturally. There were no other injuries.  After having to break the news to her deployed husband they decided to have their beloved pet cremated.

As soon as I read this link I knew it. Obviously b/c her pet was cremated there is no way to prove that Hartz flea prevention killed her healthy, hyper, up to date on shots dog. But it certainly seems so. Lets not find out by using it on another animal.We need to come together as pet owners to have this trash removed from shelves. This product is poison. Don't put anything on your animals that you wouldn't put on yourselves. There are more natural or safer choices. Next time your at the store to get your pet flea preventative think twice. Spend the little extra on the safer brand. Don't let your pet be their next victim.

This blog post is dedicated to Rocky. RIP sweet boy. I hope you are running pain free on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

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